Nourishing – Relaxing – Entertaining

From the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane, Divine Henna can be available for wedding’s, Hen’s nights, corporate events, markets and festivals, Indian/Bollywood events, Baby Shower’s, Blessingway’s and parties for all ages.

Operating for over 16 years gives us the experience to offer fast, accurate, gorgeous, freehand designs. Our artists are trained and all have a strong artistic backgrounds which results in outstanding craftsmanship and stunning results. Our Galleries show you what we have to offer.

We want our customers to enjoy a relaxing and safe henna experience therefore we use all natural, organic henna which has red, brown or maroon results depending upon your skin. Henna seen in the photos may appear black but this is simply the first, paste stage. See how henna works .

All designs are created by Divine Henna Design using our own organic henna.



Baby Shower / Blessingway / Pregnancy Henna

prenatal henna

Divine Henna specialises in prenatal henna, creating personalised prenatal henna designs, professional  application (we have seen a lot of beautiful bellies now), with stunning results using our very own Pregnancy safe, organic henna paste.

Henna is a beautiful way to honour the experience of carrying a child. The ‘henna experience’ is being incorporated into Baby Showers, Blessingways and Pregnancy Photography all over the world.

Traditionally pregnancy henna is done for blessing and protection (read more about traditional pregnancy henna use… ) The henna application is therapeutic leaving the recipient feeling relaxed, honored and nourished. Its a wonderful gift or commemorative for the expectant mother!

A large design, as seen above, will generally take an hour to do. The hands and feet of the mother may also be done.Guests at a Blessingway or baby shower may also receive henna as part of the celebration.

We also sell Pregnancy Safe Henna Kits if you are considering the DIY option.



Wedding Henna

Divine Henna


We offer bridal and engagement henna both traditional and contemporary for brides, bridal parties as well as hens night crowds or family gatherings.  We confer closely with the bride over her design choices and unique designs can be created at no extra charge.

Two henna artists can be made available for large bridal party numbers. Fill in the Booking Inquiry form (right) for more information and a quote.

Hens Night

Add a touch of spice to the flavour of your hens night with henna. This beautiful celebratory body art is a form of interactive entertainment for guests and may be offered to the bride as a special gift and opportunity to relax. (Find out about the Traditional Henna Night).


How many henna’s can be done at an event?

Large events and big crowds can chose from simpler designs which take 1-5 minutes each to do.

Medium sized parties, 8-15 people, can choose from our market style designs which can take from 3-12 minutes each to do, depending upon complexity.

Small parties enjoy the extensive variety of all our designs and may have designs spontaneously created to their request.


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