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Apologies! We are currently printing a brand new range of cushion designs and the Kombi/Vespa and Tree/Bird cushions have been discontinued. The new range will be in stock by mid December. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when the new range becomes available.

We are here to help you get equipped for your explorations into henna. We specialise in organic, natural henna and organic henna kits, including pregnancy safe kits for beginner to professional. Contact us, browse the blog or DIY pages to find helpful landmarks in your journey.

And if body art isn’t your thing, stay calm and colour! Our shop features colouring products with ‘Henna’ style designs by us.

If you have any inquiries about products or ordering please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Henna Kits 

Organic henna kits made by us.

henna supplies australia

Henna Powder

Organic henna powder from Rajasthan.

Triple sifted.

henna oils

Essential Oils

Organic essential oils for use with henna powder.

Henna Stencils

Plastic stencils for applying henna.

Henna Applicators

AKA Henna Cones, empty.

henna supplies australia

Special Orders

Personalised Orders.

Colouring Products

Stay calm and Colour!