Pregnancy Henna

pregnancy henna

‘The Divine Henna Experience’ : Henna for Pregnancy, Baby Showers and Blessingways

Henna is a beautiful way to honour the experience of carrying a child. The ‘henna experience’ is being incorporated into Baby Showers, Blessingways and Pregnancy Photography all over the world.

Traditionally pregnancy henna is done for blessing and protection. The henna application is therapeutic leaving the recipient feeling relaxed, honored and nourished. Its a wonderful gift or commemorative for the expectant mother!

A large design as seen on the left will generally take an hour to do. The hands and feet of the mother may also be done.

Guests at a Blessingway or baby shower may also receive henna as part of the celebration.

Divine Henna specialises in prenatal henna, creating personalised prenatal henna designs, professional  application (we have seen a lot of beautiful bellies now), with stunning results using our very own Pregnancy safe, organic henna paste. We also sell Pregnancy Safe Henna Kits.


For Blessingway’s, Baby Shower’s and appointments at your location rates begin at $90 per hour, for 2 or more hours $80/hour. Contact us for a quote.

A large design, as seen below (more designs in our Gallery), will generally take an hour to do. Guests at a Blessingway or baby shower may also receive henna as part of the celebration. A group of around 10 people can all receive a small design with an hour of work. Within 2 hours 10 medium designs can be done. You can also take a look at our Pinterest board Prenatal Henna for more inspiration, because we can create anything


Is it safe?

As a natural dye, henna body art is a safe way to mark the occasion of immanent motherhood. It can also be a therapeutic and relaxing way to celebrate with family and friends.

If you have had any blood pressure problems or in particular suffer G6DP Deficiency (Glucose-6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency) or Hyperbilirubinemia you should consult your midwife or doctor before receiving henna.

When choosing a henna artist, I recommend looking for someone who makes their own natural henna. You should make sure that they use pregnancy safe essential oils and no chemical additives. They should definately not use black henna.


Precautions when receiving henna.

As advised by “The Baby Centre” webpage.

•  make sure that the room is well ventilated and cool
•  don’t lie down on your back while the henna is still on your hair or on your body, instead lie on your side or sit comfortably on a couch or a chair
•  don’t be tempted to keep the room hot to get more out of the henna colour. Overheating can make you dizzy and may raise your blood pressure.



Belly designs are created according to each mother’s personal inclination. It generally reflects her needs, feelings, or wishes surrounding the birth and pregnancy.

Some popular designs include the tree of life, lotus, flowers, fish, birds and mandalas.

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