6 Tips for Choosing the Right Henna Artist

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Henna Artist

Just as there is a big difference between a Master Chef and her apprentice there is also a huge difference between one henna artist and someone who has just picked up a tube of henna. Its hard to know the difference so here’s what to look for.

1. Take a close look. Look carefuly at the artist work, are the lines clear, are they neat and regular?

2. Is the artist making their own henna paste or using premade henna. This will effect the results of the henna, fresh henna gives darker results than premade henna. If you want nice dark henna results go with an artist who makes their own paste.

3. Make sure they use natural henna. There are still a few unscrupulous people out there using so called Black Henna. Henna is not black, it goes on as a paste which appears black but the end result is brown, red, maroon, or orange. Black henna is dangerous and not recommended. See the Black Henna Warning for more information.

Look for photos of your artists results, not just the paste phase.

4. Look at artists henna results, that is, when the henna is red. Most photos of henna are taken when the paste is still on. At this stage the henna appears black but the result you are looking for is red so make sure you see evidence of rich henna colours amongst their work. Some people use imported, premade henna paste which gives lighter results. Looks good when the paste is on but may be disappointing the next day.

5. How much expereince do they have? Make sure their level of skill matches your requirements. A henna artists who has worked for  10 years will have a very different level of skill, will take less time, will have reliable results, will be more creative, have more designs. If you have a large event and want many people to receive a henna design consider if the artist special

6. What kind of experience do they have? A henna artist who usually does Bridal henna will have very different skills compared to an events artist. Make sure you know what you want your artist to do and that her resume fits the bill.

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