About Ester

About Ester

“I’ve always had a passion for art and felt a compulsive need to create; not just tangible art like a painting or a sculpture which although may convey deep emotions or trigger a sense of awe, it is the personal and intimate nature of henna art which I am so attracted to.” 

Ester Bodnar

Ester henna ing 1

Ester Bodnar has been working at Divine Henna since early 2014. She is a natural henna artist with a sensuous and flowing style and a passion for art and healing.

henna art on the back

Esters journey with us has been beautiful to watch. We invited her to become a trainee after seeing the lovely work she had done on her own hands with one of our kits. Initially she went through the nervousness that all new artists feel when applying their art to the public, but you could tell she was in her element and loved every moment. This is the secret to good henna art, to enjoy every line you apply.

Ester Eumundi henna close up 

Esters natural affinity with henna is reflected in her own words..

Esters Dream Catcher “Through henna, one really gets close to their subject, the canvas being their skin, which is offered in complete faith to be created into a piece of art that they and others are able to admire; this admiration does not so much feed the artistic ego as so many other art forms do, but is divided as the subject undeniably plays a role in the creation of the piece, their energy and spirit ultimately influences the artist to create a completely individual design which compliments the subject personally. The creative flow with the medium of henna feels seamless and natural to me allows a feeling of freedom to take the reigns of my artistic expression to create art not only for myself but for others as well.”

With her natural talent and continued work at Eumundi markets Ester has quickly become a skilled henna artist in her own right. I marvel each week at how she has developed her own flowing flare and sucked up every new technique she saw around her. Its a thrill watching as her self confidence grows and her other artistic pursuits soar to new heights.

Esters Bodnar Painting

Painting by Ester Bodnar

Ester is now doing appointments for Divine Henna in Brisbane. She works for Divine Henna at the Eumundi Markets during school holidays. Please Contact us to book an appointment with her.


Esters wrist henna IMG_1695




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