Keep calm and colour.



At Divine Henna we believe art has the power to create a more beautiful and peaceful world. ‘Divine Henna’s’ range of colouring products  is our small contribution to generating more possibilities to be creative in our everyday life.The designs are hand drawn by Nicki Coquillard, owner of Divine Henna with the hope that you will find a little peace and joy in life.  


There is a buzz around the idea that colouring has an effect similar to meditation. It is easy to see that while colouring we are focused on a pleasurable activity and our worries recede into the background, we can more easily access a positive train of thought and our bodies can find a calm state and relaxation.

 While we probably won’t reach the same planes of consciousness as a Tibetan yogi,  colouring can train our mindfulness.

Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring [about] more mindfulness,  

– Marygrace Berberian,  art therapist and Clinical Assistant Professor  at NYU



Mindfulness enables us to stay in the moment, but why is that good? By staying in the moment the thinking mind has less power to create projections of what might be, what has been what might be done etc etc. We reduce the noise of our thoughts and the tensions and worries those thoughts generate. It also enables us to see a situation more clearly and handle things more effectively. 

Adding mindfulness to our colouring focus, by remembering at all moments that we are colouring while we are colouring, will sharpen our ability to be mindful and may have the additional benefit of bringing mindfulness into other activities.


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