Ganesh murals add

Ganesha, the elephant headed god from the Hindu religion appears occasionally in bridal henna and is known to have a connection with the use of henna in body art.

Ganesha is also favoured by Jains and Buddhists and is so popular he is creeping into Western pop culture too. He is patron of arts ( hence the connection with henna ?) and sciences and is known as a remover of obstacles. Ganesha is appealed to for help in  material, worldly life as well as spiritual life.

The Ganesha head was featured in this mural done for a friend. It was a nice co-incidence that he was placed near her front entrance because in more esoteric texts Ganesha is regarded as protector of entrances (particularly the orifices, or doors of the body). Also he is invoked at the beginning of rituals in his function as the god of beginnings.

I wish dearly that this deity brings happiness and prosperity to my friend and her household.






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