Healing Woman

Healing Woman

- Jennifer Givhan 


Reclaim the henna markings,
war paintings on my back;
the avocado tree that grows in its
stead will ignite,


pomegranate juice spread along my inner thigh
line, a fractured borderland:


I stop the violence by
taking it in my hands
and molding it anew--

flying shapes,
forms with wings,

pitchers of milk,

and bodies
that sweat the thick
red earth of



We stop the violence when
we sing

And my song sounds something like

this heart

/wrapped in the packed mud of death,
its burial rags still wet/

beats strongest when fighting
for rebirth.


Source Citation   (MLA 8th Edition)

Givhan, Jennifer. "The Henna Poems." Southwestern American Literature, vol. 36, no. 2, 2011, p. 71+. Literature Resource Center, Accessed 8 Mar. 2018.

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