Divine Henna

Divine Henna

Divine Henna was founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting the use of natural henna for adornment, artistic expression, entertainment and celebration.

At Divine Henna we make our own all natural henna using the best ingredients available. All our designs are drawn freehand with styles ranging from contemporary to traditional. Our specialty is collaborating with the customer to create unique, personalised designs.

Nicki Elliott: Owner of Divine Henna / Henna Artist

Nicki Elliott has been performing henna body art for 12 years and visual arts for 25 years. With a B.A. in Fine Art and training in various body work/ energy work fields her passion for henna comes from its ability to bridge art, energy and healing work.

“For me henna offers a rich media which is both social and intimate. Henna body art is an art form that moves beyond walls and institutions; it removes the gap between the art and the viewer because the viewer becomes the art.“

“Henna body art is an indication of the deeper meaning of adornment: that each individual is a work of art in a constant state of creation.””

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