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Henna Crowns

Henna Crowns
Like a lotus growing from the mud; we arise from adversity full of life, wisdom and beauty.

‘Henna Crown’ is the term for the embellishment of the head in decorative patterns using henna. It started as a means for empowering women who have lost their  hair during chemotherapy. It is now also on the rise for use by women with alopecia, sometimes called spot baldness. ‘Henna Crowns’ have become a modern ritual which nourishes the wearer as they are henna-ed and empowers her while she is wearing it, which can be from 1-3 weeks.

The Divine Henna Team offers their services either at your home (servicing Brisbane all the way up to Gympie) or at Eumundi Markets.  Our super safe henna recipe includes organic henna leaf powder and organic lavender essential oil , dextrose and water. A patch test is encouraged and we advise you to speak to your doctor about the process. Our pricing is variable and we are happy to accomodate your circumstances, just have a chat with us.


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The Henna Crown Experience
“We don't heal in isolation, but in community.” ― S. Kelley Harrell

Heike’s Journey

Heike is a Eumundi Markets stall holder who had a long battle with cancer. Between her chemo treatments she would often visit me at Eumundi for a henna crown. It was a complete honour to be a small but positive part of Heike’s journey and she gave me a some insights about the ‘henna crown of courage’ experience from the wearers perspective.

The most obvious factor in the power of the crown is its personal and public acknowledgement of what the individual is experiencing. Heike said it was an ice breaker which enabled people to communicate to her about her journey and to approach it from a positive angle rather than from a place of pity. It was art therapy for everyone concerned!

The doctors and nurses talked about it, other patients and the general public asked her about it. Her family and friends loved it. She received complements and encouragement, it was an axis, turning what could be a negative topic into a chance for people to give some warmth and positivity while also addressing the extremity of her experience which couldn’t be ignored.

Heike is doing well now, gradually her strength returns and she is blossoming out of the mud of adversity.  

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henna crown for cancer patients
Henna Crowned Like A Queen!

The very first crown I created was for a young girl. She arrived to receive her henna never having revealed her bare head in public. Even taking off her scarf in front of me was very shameful for her. During the painting of the crown she relaxed and settled. It was a very memorable moment when her crown was finished she looked in the mirror, a look of total delight filled her face. I was truly  stunned by her total change in attitude to being bald, from fear and shame she became joyful and proud! She felt beautiful and special and walked out my door with her head held high, like a queen.

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Healing Henna
An Ancient Healing Artform.

Henna’s history as a healer dates back millennia, in Egypt henna was used for headaches, bites, sunblock, wounds and burns. Throughout the century’s henna’s role as a healing herb as well as its use in ceremonies such as weddings puts henna in a unique field of its own as art form and healing herb.

The herb itself is UV protecting, cooling, anti fungal an antibacterial. It has been used to treatheadach , jaundice, skin conditions, ulcers and scabies amongst many other ailments. 

Henna’s healing touch also extends into its cultural role in ceremony and ritual. It is used in weddings, pregnancy (traditionally mostly postpartum, in the 20th Century prenatal), male circumcision and menstruation. Now healing henna is emerging in our modern era into the realm of cancer.


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