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Divine Henna

Divine Henna
An endless journey.

Divine Henna was born in 2000 as the creative venture of artist Nicki Coquillard. The adventure into henna began for Nicki as a fulfilment of her interests; in ephemeral (transient, temporary) art, womens’ art, healing and spirituality. Henna body art has been a companion to womens creative, ritual and healing endeavours for 1000’s of years. It is hoped that Divine Henna brings the richness of this art form to our current era, giving benefit to as many people as possible.


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Weddings, Parties, Anything.

Henna for individual consultations or your party can be booked by the hour. 

We require a minimum one hour booking starting at an hourly rate of  $80.00. Outlying local areas are booked at a 2-hour minimum plus travel fees. Corporate and large scale events are booked starting at $90 per hour. 

For large events requiring 2 or more artists pricing starts at $150/hour. The minimum booking time is 2 hours.

White Henna and Jagua are also innovative options.

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Pregnancy Henna
Henna Blessings!

Henna is a beautiful way to honour the experience of carrying a child. The ‘henna experience’ is being incorporated into Baby Showers, Blessingways and Pregnancy Photography all over the world.

Traditionally pregnancy henna is done for blessing and protection. The henna application is therapeutic leaving the recipient feeling relaxed, honored and nourished. Its a wonderful gift or commemorative for the expectant mother!

A large design as seen on the right will generally take an hour to do. The hands and feet of the mother may also be done.

Guests at a Blessingway or baby shower may also receive henna as part of the celebration.

Divine Henna specialises in prenatal henna, creating personalised prenatal henna designs, professional  application (we have seen a lot of beautiful bellies now), with stunning results using our very own Pregnancy safe, organic henna paste. We also sell Pregnancy Safe Henna Kits.

You can also take a look at our Pinterest board Prenatal Henna for more inspiration, because we can create anything

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Wedding Henna
Henna Days and Nights, A Magical Wedding.

We offer bridal and engagement henna both traditional and contemporary for brides, bridal parties as well as hens night crowds or family gatherings.  We confer closely with the bride over her design choices and unique designs can be created at no extra charge.

Hens Night

Add a touch of spice to the flavour of your hens night with henna. This beautiful celebratory body art is a form of interactive entertainment for guests and may be offered to the bride as a special gift and opportunity to relax. (Find out about the Traditional Henna Night).

Wedding Night – Erotic Henna

An offering of body, heart and soul on your wedding night!


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