Holding gracefully a lotus in her hand,

the bodhisattva brings forth a universe of art. “

– Thich Nhat Hanh

(‘her’ is originally ‘his’, sorry Thich Nhat.)

The drawing on this belly of a lotus with a sun emerging from the top is an image I often draw and its meaning is layered but it is partly about the energetic function and potential of the feminine.

The lotus is often used as a metaphore for female sexuality; open yet energised, lush, vulnerable and powerful. In essence the vulnerability of its openess is its power.. Like a singer,  it is her whole body which pours forth the song, like a plant giving its energy to unfold a flower, from the inside to the outside.

The deeper the singer goes into her breath and body, the more vulnerable she is the more powerful the song, moving through walls and skin and hearts.

The sun is the aspect of a womans energy that creates, nourishes, ripens and finally births. The active, generative energy of the female, the glowing sun, that communicates the codes and frequencies of warmth that coaxes the nascent being from the other world into this one.


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