My Journey Into Henna

My Journey Into Henna

Nicki’s Journey to Henna

Writing, drawing, painting, sculpting my way through adolescence it was natural on leaving school to go and get myself a degree in Fine Arts from the Queensland College of Art at Griffith University. Having immersed myself in abstract, theory driven ‘contemporary art,’at university I lost my heart connection with  art.

A burning interest in the mystical and the hidden meaning of nature I set out to travel, to find that ineffable ‘something’ that gives life meaning. Being born “out west” I set off on a pilgrimage to the Red Centre where I felt the stirrings of meaningful art in the energy/spirit paintings of the aboriginal people.

Then the call of the east compelled me to visit South East Asia, Nepal and then India. I wondered like a ghost in ancient temples where art reverberated with the human call to the divine. It wasn’t until I returned home to the dreamy humidity of Cairns that I stumbled upon the art form that would really lead me back to a satisfying mode of expression, henna.

There was very little information about henna around when I first began and it took two years to perfect the recipe which is really the base of henna. The artistry came much more easily but it took about 5 years to develop my speed and the perfecting of each regional style is a life long pursuit. Now I am interested in developing my own style while continuing to learn the deep meaning of traditional symbols and ritual uses of henna across the world.

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