Owl wisdom part 1

Owl wisdom part 1

owlsLets face it owls are trendy. Illustrations, t-shirts, ornaments, fridge magnets, phone cases, you name it there are owls appearing everywhere. And now, after being asked to design an owl tattoo henna style, I start to wonder what it is about these ancient symbols of wisdom that draw us in.

Well firstly they are damned cute and there is some lovely photography around proving their equally cute and also fascinating behaviours.

Secondly their symbolic resonance with our consciousness may be saying  something about where we are at emotionally, us owl lovers.

Owls are mostly nocturnal and solitary. Could this mean we craving introspection and trying to pear into the dark, mysterious places of our life. Acute vision and keen hearing correspond to the owls connection with magic and shamanism, in that both use the senses in an expanded way.

In most cultures owls are omens of darkness and death, probably due to its lethal nocturnal hunting habits. In the west it is also connected with wisdom, partly due to its connection with Athena in Greek mythology. And here is where things get interesting, Mariya Gimbautis (very interesting woman) traces worship of the owl as a goddess figure back to ancient European cultures. And this is where my researches will  begin.

Stay tuned owl lovers.



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