Product Review: Song of India Henna paste.

Product Review: Song of India Henna paste.

This is the first of a review of henna products that I find in various shops around Australia.

Song of India Henna Paste Kit (found in Gulaga Gallery, Central Tilba, N.S.W)

1 out of 5 (at least you could use the stencils).

Contents of this attractive little box include Henna oil, henna paste, 2 stencils, 3 nibs and a small amount of instructions written on the box. It retailed for $8.

The instructions on the box were very brief and not very comprehensive. I cracked open the tube and tried to squeeze it resulting in a greenish liquid rushing out all over the place. After pushing out the liquid into a tissue coarse blobs of henna paste (?) came out but quickly got blocked in the nib. Hoping that at least if I got rid of the top part of the tubes contents at least some of the remaining henna would be useful.. Alas between squirts of liquid and blobs of henna, neither of which left any colour, I had to conclude that the tube was a dud!

I returned to the shop with the tube to let them know that they didn’t have a very good product and maybe they should find another but the staff there reported that they had good feedback from others.

I would say buying this product you may have some luck but maybe better not to waste your money when there is better, more reliable product out there.

Stay tuned and fingers crossed my next review is a bit more successful!


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