Colouring Cushion - Mandala / Tree of Life

Colouring Cushion – Mandala / Tree of Life

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Double sided featuring ‘Henna Mandala’ on one side and ‘Tree of Life’ on the other.

All covers are 42cm x 42. This cushion is polyester. The fabric is a quality outdoor polyester which makes coloring in suitable and application easy. You are purchasing the cushion cover only.

When people take up colouring, their heart rates and brain waves change for the better. Colour yourself to calmness and create something unique with a colouring-in cushion. Rediscover that freedom with a colouring-in cushion, and express your individuality.


In Eastern religions mandalas are diagrams used to represent the universe and spiritual dimensions.

In Psychology it is used as a symbol representing the effort to reunify the self.

The repetition, concentric layering and symmetrical nature of Mandalas make them ideal designs for focusing our attention.


The tree is a symbol of strength and connection, linking us as individuals to the earth and our roots of family. In Nordic and other ancient Eurasian cultures the sacred tree, the tree known as Yggdrasil by the Nord’s, is described as spanning many worlds with its roots and branches, acting like a stairway between realms.
The significance of roots and branches is seen as a balance between the lower realms (or the unseen world) and the heavenly realms (or the visible world).

CHILD FRIENDLY: Any children’s color crayons and markers can be used. Simply wash the cover to re-use and re-color.

PERMANENT COLOR: For a permanent color we recommend using permanent fabric pens. Purchase fabric markers.




Additional information

Weight .250 g
Dimensions 22 × 34 × 5 mm


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