Moroccan henna : designs of protection.

Protection is always an important element in body adornment for those living close to the elements and close to the sting of life’s fluctuations, as many Moroccans do.

Moroccan design is powerful to look at and its powerful to create.  Drawing these designs has been some of my strongest henna experiences and I am often left with a sensation that the design has a strong holding and protecting quality.

In spiritual and magical diagrams the  function of the lines and angular shapes (triangles, rectangles , diamonds) is to frame or contain, ones own energy, and deflect and direct the eye or unwanted negative energy.

Its easy to see this expression in Moroccan design where warding off the evil eye is a strong intention drawn into many arts and crafts. The diamond shape along with crosses, triangles, circles and dots are used as a protective eye that wards off or deflects unwanted negative energy. Lines radiate out with hidden, decorative arrows and branching’s. Squares and dots stabilise and earth the image. Repetition adds strength of intention and affects the viewers eye in a subtle way.

Look at and feel the effects of these images…Decoration has a deep function in our world. Have we forgotten its power?



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