Rani Henna Kone : Product review

Rani Henna Kone : Product review

Rani Henna Kone not real henna but gives a bright orange result.

Rani Henna Kone     1  1/2 out of 5.

This tube of henna was picked up on a wild henna shopping spree in Melbourne. I trawled through innumerable Lebanese stores searching out henna products with my finely tuned, sonic henna radar. I found some different powders and a couple of different brands of tubes and a henna nail colour.

I tested the Rani henna cone a few days ago and was immediately struck by the ammonia or something-from-a-hairdresser’s smell. So we know its not straight henna and probably has something a bit strong to keep the colour. In fact all henna designed to sit around on shelves for months or years must have chemicals (or something strong) to allow it to keep its colour. So beware of this stuff if you have sensitive skin or allergies and do a patch test.

So the Rani cone smells funny and it also looks funny, kind of jelly like. And an hour after application I find that it doesn’t dry. And the tube tip got blocked.

Rani Henna Nail Colour is fun but I am not so fond of the colour.

So I got impatient with the drying time andremoved the paste before it was dry. I was a bit alarmed to find my skin kind of raised and a little ‘bubbly'(!). I read the instructions and it suggested applying oil or moisturiser immediately after paste removal (yeah , yeah I should have read the instructions). This did take a way the ‘bubbling.’ The instructions also said after while I had to wash it ( a real no, no in henna land).

Two days later I have some bright orange henna on my palm, it never oxidised, that is it never darkened, its the same colour with slightly blurrier lines as when I removed the paste. (For those who haven’t had henna before henna usually takes up to 48 hours to get its full colour.)

Rani Henna Cones get 1  1/2 out of 5 in my books! 1 for the colour.. at least it got some, and 1/2 for the easy application minus a few blockages.

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