Sand Painting – Sacred Communication

Sand Painting – Sacred Communication

Where are the origins of ritual?

In the travels of the human race from one side of the planet to the other?

Or deep in our common blood and dreams?

Oh this beautiful human mind! This dream.

Rangoli/Kolam- India.











Sacred symbols drawn on the ground with powders and sometimes chalk. Flowers and edibles such as turmeric may be used.

Function to welcome Hindu deities, for luck, protection and prosperity.


Buddhist Mandala Sand painting – Tibet









A method of introducing an individual to the enlightened mind. Also a practice of consecration which benefits beings and the earth.


Indian Sand Painting- North America – Navajo









“Places where the gods come and go.”

A portal for healing spirits made by a medicine man or woman with sand and earth pigments.


Alfombras – Guatemala












Ritual connected with Easter.

Using sawdust sand flowers and coloured pigments.


Australian Aboriginal Sand Painting









Communication between the Great Spirit or ancestors and humans. Acknowledging the power of the earth and our connection with it.


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