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White Henna

White Henna

'White' Henna is not true henna but a more temporary form of body art which uses body art paint with body art adhesive applied in patterns alike to traditional henna. The result lasts 3-5 days. 

Unlike henna, which stains the top layer of skin  remaining until the epidermis completely exfoliates, white henna can be picked or peeled off. White henna is perfect for weddings, photo shoots, pregnancy photography and for any occasion you might wear traditional henna. White henna can also be done in other colours according to the occasion. 


White henna appointments start at $90 per hour. 

We require a minimum one hour booking starting at an hourly rate of  $90.00. Outlying local areas are booked at a 2-hour minimum plus travel fees. Corporate and large scale events are booked starting at $120 per hour. 

For large events requiring 2 or more artists pricing starts at $160/hour. The minimum booking time is 2 hours.




Thanks to Laine Tribes for her beautiful photography.
Photo Shoots

White 'henna' is a perfect choice for photo shoots as it doesn't need to go through a dying process as real henna and jagua do. Henna and jagua are applied to the skin as a paste, left for a few hours and then peeled off. In this process there are numerous colour phases as the dyes oxidise. 

White 'henna' is photo ready from application stage until it begins to peel off. Its colour is also easy to apply in many photo shoot situations.

Photo credit for our pregnancy white 'henna' : Laine Tribe

Photo credit for wedding white 'henna' on this page : Thyme Studio's and Film.

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